Is Lunar Trail Challenge compliant with social distancing measures?

During registration you will be asked to select your start time within a three hour window. Your start time will be confirmed in your confirmation email. Please only arrive a few minutes before your start time. A maximum of three other participants will start within the same five minute window, however runners will be spaced out and processed individually.

During the first challenge on December 4-5 we encourage runners to run with a buddy, in accordance with government guidelines to limit public gatherings to a maximum of two people.

For challenges in January and February, we will see what the maximum group size is at the time and manage the start procedure accordingly.

A mask is part of the mandatory gear list, and this must be worn before you start running, when entering shops to buy food and drinks, and after you finish running.

Is this a personal challenge or a race?

Lunar Trail Challenge is designed to give you a benchmark of how well your training has been going, by providing you with a completion time on the same day and with the same conditions as other participants.

However this isn't a race, participants will not run head to head, and no prizes are awarded based on performance.

We will apply for ITRA points to be awarded, however this is to contribute to your individual ITRA index and therefore your level as a trail runner, as opposed to a ranking compared with other participants.

Will food and drinks be provided at checkpoints?

The current environment means that it is not feasible to provide checkpoints with food and drinks, rather the concept of Lunar Trail Challenge includes stops at convenience stores and gas stations each 15-20km, so you can purchase your own. As Lunar Trail Challenge entry is free we trust this is excellent value for money!

More questions?

Is Lunar Trail Challenge replacing normal trail races or another addition to the trail calendar?

Lunar Trail Challenge will only be around temporarily during the Covid period.

I hope that regular trail races can return as soon as possible, and when this happens no more Lunar Trail Challenges will be organised.

There are enough good trail races in Hong Kong already, we respect existing race organisers and when races are back I'll be busy participating rather than organising.

In the meantime I hope these challenges give you something to aim for and enjoy either on your own or with a small group of friends.