Steve Corry used to think that trail runners must be crazy. Now he is one, he knows they are.

Steve started running in 2017, first with a 10km and then gradually building up over time. The achievements he's particularly proud of are 1st overall in 2018 HK168 55km; 5th overall in 2020 TTF, and 14th overall at TransJeju (112km). However he's also DNF'd an awful lot...

Besides competiting Steve has also volunteered for a number of race organisers in Hong Kong, such as TGR, Racebase, North Face 100 and Hong Kong 100, as checkpoint crew, course marking and sweeping.

He looking forward to the day we have normal races again, and in the meantime hope you enjoy the Lunar Trail challenge.

Steve is organising this event on behalf of Trail Challenge HK Limited, under the brand name of Lunar Trail Challenge.