While Lunar Trail Challenge is a personal challenge, for your own safety and that of other participants the following must be carried at all times. Random checks may be conducted and if any items are not carried you will be disqualified from the challenge and your result omitted from results:

  • Headlamp with spare batteries

  • Octopus card or minimum HKD100 cash

  • Sufficient food and water for 20km (minimum capacity 1L water)

  • Windbreaker/long sleeve running jacket

  • Trail running shoes with suitable tread

  • Mobile phone (fully charged at start) with GPX file and contact number of organiser saved

  • Face mask (to be worn in shops) and zip lock bag for carrying while running


  • Waterproof running jacket

  • Spare headlamp

  • First aid kit

  • PDF directions file saved on phone

  • Battery pack for phone


  • Face mask must be worn at the start point until you start running, at all times when entering shops along the route, and immediately after finishing running.

  • Participants must stop and assist any other runners needing assistance.

  • Purchasing food and drinks from shops is not only encouraged, it's part of the challenge!

  • Challenge completion times are calculated from each runners start time until finish time, including time stationary at shops and other points along the course.

  • Participants must strictly follow the GPX route, if found to have taken short-cuts a time penalty or excluded from results will be applied at the discretion of the organiser.

  • In the event of any dispute regarding the challenge course, the decision of the organiser is binding.

  • Outside assistance designed to benefit your challenge completion time is not permitted.

  • Littering is prohibited and will result in a time penalty or exclusion at the discretion of the organiser.

  • Participants must have personal accident and injury insurance.

  • You must have fun, or at least feel good about yourself after finishing.

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