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The TrailMe app tracks you as you run, providing vital statistics and information including: exact location, speed, altitude, distance to finish, overall time, etc.

At the same time, family & friends can watch you live as you go!

How does it work?

The TRAILME app uses a series of trackers that have been placed along the entire course in advance. As you run, the trackers will connect to your mobile and track your speed, location and altitude in real time.

Friends and family can follow along as you run the course. To follow a runner live, follow these steps in the App: Live➔Course➔Map➔Ranking➔Runner #(turn On).

For the TRAILME app to work, you must download the app to your mobile device and keep Bluetooth and data turned ON as you run (3G/4G required). Internet is NOT required.

Feel free to use the low power mode on your device to conserve battery. Bear in mind, theTRAILME app uses very little power.

For further info, watch the TRAILME video:

For phone settings for some phones, please refer here.


Any problems/questions with TrailMe App, contact: 5292-3486


Download the TRAILME app from either Apple or Google Play.

Open the app, sign in and create an account.

Go to settings and fill in your personal details. Be sure to add a photo for live tracking.

Explore the app by browsing the various buttons: Events, My Races, Live, etc.

Find the Lunar Trail Challenge under the Events tab.

Remember to charge your mobile battery!

Check and confirm your mobile settings:

  • Bluetooth ON

  • Mobile data ON (3G-4G activated)

  • WiFi OFF (optional)

  • iPhone –Location Service = ALWAYS

  • Android –Location Service = ON

How to register (Cantonese):

At the start

Open the TRAILME app, go to Events,and select Lunar Trail Challenge.


Click the Register button, Confirm, then fill in personal details and Save. (Android users should allow TRAILME to access your device’s location during this step)


For iPhone users, you will see a pop-up. Select “Allow While Using App”

You will be assigned a number (a virtual bib number). Feel free to share this number with friends or family so they can track you liveonthe app.


When you are ready to start running,press the START RUNNING button.


If you press the Start button by mistake, simply press the Give Up button and re-register (you will be given a new race number).


One final step may be required (depending on your phone settings). Make sure your location is accessible. Settings➔TrailMe➔While Using➔Always

How to start the race (English)

While running

As you run, you’ll be able to see all your performance stats including: speed, elevation, ETA to finish, distance run, etc


At the finish line, no need to do anything! Let us repeat... once you reach the finish line, you DO NOT need to do anything. The TRAILME app will automatically detect that you are at the finish and the tracking will end.

Note: We recommend to also record your run on Strava or a similar app in case any verification is needed.


Immediately, you should be able to see your total time and ranking on the TRAILME app. Go to Live➔Course➔Ranking.

How friends and family can follow you (English)